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In the Security and Risk Management world, information is the currency for any security related department to operate efficiently. The need created for risk assessments and management within working environments means managers must be able to pull real-time information together in order to protect their company from unnecessary risk. Risk assessment, risk and liability mitigation, corrective action planning, implementation and performance metrics rely upon effective information collection.

“It’s not the system, it’s the data!” The fast and effective use of the incident data itself is the most important part of any incident reporting system. Incident-Watch has been designed specifically to allow managers to be able to pull real-time information together in order to prevent future incidents and increase protection against the variety of risks that threaten organizations.

Incident Watch provides a single solution fully converged system that provides comprehensive solution for all incidents – everything from logging of incidents via telephone, automatic incident notification of authorities and managing incident investigations.

Each industry has their own unique challenges that they face when dealing with risk. Incident-Watch can help manage these risks and give management insight into what is happening in real time. Because there is such a large and increasing range of threats, timely management of each incident is vital.

With Incident Watch, your security personnel no longer have to worry about documenting incidents incorrectly allowing visibility into the threat/risk profile of the organization.

The need for a single, easy-to-use, tracking tool or software for all incidents that occur is crucial. By moving your entire organization into a standardized system, you can use the resulting data more efficiently

Incident Watch is the smart solution to track and manage incidents, streamline your security processes, reduce your future risks, and save money.

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