Complete Reliability

  • 100% Data Security
  • 99.9% Up-Time Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Easy to install with low up-front costs

  • No additional Software or Hardware required

Instantly and Interactively Manage and Report Incidents

  • Reduces time needed to file a report and improves accuracy
  • Within 60 seconds of calling in your report, notifications are sent via phone, email, text as predetermined by the customer
  • Can simultaneously notify up to 100 people, if needed
  • Instant access to all participants including personnel, employees and other contacts

Provides Complete Daily Logs of Incident Reports with Auditing and Statistics

  • Allows Daily Analysis of Security Performance and Incident Managing
  • Enables analysis of trends to make fast reactions possible
  • Easy to fill out forms improve accuracy, enabling logical searching, group incidents and provide statistical reports
  • Detailed reports can be compiled and distributed in seconds
  • All reports are audited with source, time and date with each entry

Fully Customizable

  • Customizable dashboard provides quick situation briefing so that staff can focus on critical activities
  • Investigations and reports can be restricted to an individual or group depending on their role-based user type

Extensive Search Engine

  • Enables rapid identification of suspects and instant access to all past or related incidents
  • Provides access to all related data such as past incidents, status and all associated persons with the target subject without having to access multiple systems or files
  • Ability to search security personnel, directors, and supervisors to see how many reports they have created or modified

Low Cost-of-Ownership

  • Pay As-You-Go, Low Up-Front costs
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and reporting
  • Automation of incident tracking and reporting frees up personnel and reduces costs
  • Reduces paper based filing, storage and retrieval systems eliminating associated costs and making data easily accessible

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