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Incident Watch provides Software and Telephone Based Incident Reporting System for the private security and healthcare industry. Incident Watch is deployed within a cloud-based architecture and used for physical security, asset protection, personnel accountability, and regulatory compliance.

Incident Watch works with our clients to implement a Incident Reporting System that improves security and enable our clients to:

  • Instantly and interactively manage and report incidents
  • Better understand their risk profile
  • Identify security trends
  • Make more efficient use of resources by helping security personnel collaborate more effectively by sharing information instantaneously and establishing accountability
  • Ensure compliance with proper authorities and local regulations/laws

Successfully used in high security environments, a security officer with minimal training can easily learn how to report incidents, manage investigations, and ensure that supervisors/managers have been notified.

Ultimately, Incident Watch is a specialized, easy to use, incident reporting software program that is designed to provide a highly secure, multi-property, multi-departmental solution for a broad range of transactions required by Security, Surveillance and Risk Management departments.

Mission Statement

The mission of Incident Watch is to provide a reliable, easy-to-use, cost effective solution for reporting and managing incidents.

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